Atualização Zend Studio 11.0.2

Boa tarde!

Hoje saiu a atualização do Zend Studio para a versão 11.0.2.

Segue o link do anúncio e as principais alterações:

* Zend Framework 2 is updated to version 2.3.3.
* Zend Framework 1 is updated to version 1.12.9.
* JRE in the Windows MSI package is updated to version 1.7.0_67 to resolve an issue with crash on startup.
* Support for SVN 1.8.
* Content assist for CSS class names and IDs.
* Content assist for img/@src, script/@src and link/@href HTML attributes.
* Support for more Composer stability flags.
* Added Splashscreen to built-in Cordova plug-ins
* Proper support for the PHP 5.5 class name resolution keyword.
* Fixed issue in PHP code formatter, which deleted parts of source code.
* Fixed code navigation for __FILE__ and __DIR__ references.
* Fixed issue that was causing slow occurrences marking in PHP file.
* Fixed hyperlink support for PHPDoc array types.
* Fixed issue with hyperlinking between types from the same namespace.
* Fixed issue that breaks content assist in files with namespace.
* Fixed performance problem for PHP editor when Outline view is active.
* Fixed issue with deploying an update to existing application on Zend Server 7.1.
* Fixed issue with triggering undesired PhoneGap Config Editor validation on custom config.xml files outside of mobile projects.
* Fixed out of memory issue in PHPUnit due to incorrect handling of backupGlobals and backupStaticAttributes from phpunit.xml.
* Fixed issue with detecting a local Apache server on Ubuntu and Mac OS X as Local Apache HTTP Server.
* Fixed issue with additional sessions started during debugging from Studio on Zend Server with Z-Ray enabled.

Leandro Silva

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